VC Investment in AI Talk at the AIBE Summit

With venture investments in AI expected to hit a 300% rise in 2017, and with AI systems playing Atari way better than I ever did, it is no surprise that now is the time to bring to surface discussions like the ethics around AI systems, the impact that AI will have on our labor force, and which areas of AI will receive the most investment in the near future.

As part of the AIBE Summit which took place in the QEII conference center on the 4th of Feb, 2017, I was asked to talk a little about VC investment in the sector. Below are my slides and accompanying audio file of the talk. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to leave any feedback.



More on the AIBE Summit from their website:

The AIBE Summit is a conference on artificial intelligence in business & entrepreneurship. It will be the largest event of its kind ever to be held, with a capacity of up to 800 participants.
Our mission is to increase public understanding and intellectual discussion on the implications of AI for the business world, to raise the technological literacy of students, entrepreneurs, and professionals alike, and to recognise London as one of the world’s major digital capitals for the future of AI.
It is an initiative pioneered by the LSE Entrepreneurs Society, driven to celebrate the newly formed Partnership on AI between Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft.

More about Seedcamp on our website:

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