A chat with Werner Vogels, CTO and VP at Amazon

Werner Vogels, CTO and VP at Amazon and a world-leading expert on scalable systems, didn’t have the traditional entry into tech one might expect.

Responsible for driving Amazon’s technology vision, which is to continuously enhance innovation on behalf of Amazon’s customers at a global scale, Werner is one of the architects behind Amazon’s approach to cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Tune in to my 100th podcast special for a deep-dive on Werner’s fascinating and varied journey from studying Computer Science aged 28 and a 10 year career in academia, to co-founding his own business before starting his first “real job” at Amazon in 2004.

Learn more about the core pillars that uphold Amazon’s approach to hiring, team work and commercialization as well as how a relentless focus on customer centricity guides all product development.

With references to Seedcamp-backed companies such as TransferWise — improving customer experience and disrupting staid industries such as financial services — hear Werner’s thoughts on the need for enterprise to innovate to compete with younger companies or risk going out of business.

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Podcast Catchup — Product development, Acquisitions, Leadership, and Corporate VCs

In these series of podcasts since my last update, we covered quite a wide range of topics. Chatting with Sitar, we explored what a product led company looks like…

With Chrys, we covered leadership, corporate VCs and enterprise investments.

With Nic we covered the evolution of the European ecosystem and company development.

With Hugh, we covered the ins and outs of how companies are purchased by larger players worldwide.

And lastly, with Alex, we covered a range of topics, but also how to best work with Corporate VCs and setting your company up for acquisition.

Hope you enjoy them!

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