The Legal Hour Series — All Episodes

The Legal Hour Series — All Episodes

All good box-sets have a start and an end.. and “Legal Hour with Tom and Carlos” was one of the fun series Tom Wilson & I set out to do in 2020.

The idea was simple.. if we could capture all the key questions and points we get asked in a mini-series… what would that look like? … and out came Legal Hour.

For your viewing convenience, I’ve put all the episodes below in order of how we published them (you can also go to Soundcloud to listen to the series in audio). We cover deal terms, deal structures, valuations, round sizes, dilution, and employee option schemes and their impacts. In effect, a mini-MBA on this subject if you’re a founder and want a quick dive onto all the points we typically see at the early stage.


Legal terms to be aware of when bringing in new investors

Legal structures to be aware of when setting up your next round

What to be aware of when signing ‘standard terms’

The 6 make or break legal issues to consider when starting a company

Incentivising your team through Employee Share Schemes (Part 1)

Incentivising your team through Employee Share Schemes (Part 2)

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